We are your favorite mma/bjj t-shirt creators from another dimension. Our mission is to break all stereotypes and provide brand new mixed martial arts and brazilian jiu jitsu clothing designs that will even make your grandmother proud of you wearing them.

There are two extremes in men’s behavior in the modern world:
(a) You have the really brutal guys, who practice “deadly” martial arts. They tend to wear black, they always seem very serious and they barely smile. They might look mean and dangerous, but the truth is they are soooo booooooring!

(b) And next you have people who don’t practice any fighting arts. All they do is party all day and hang around. They wear bright colored clothes, smile a lot and love music. However, they will suffer a heart attack after running a mile and you will probably fail to detect who is the girl in their hangout. They are funny, but not brutal enough, and they are a perfect match for being bullied.

But! There is the third way you can follow! We call it “Fun Is The New Brutal” – when a man doesn’t forget about his manly fighting abilities (normally, he can easily choke you out or armbar you on the mat), but he is still an open minded, fun, smiling nice person, loving the world and enjoying life. This is the outline of our BrutalTshirsophy.

Wearing our t-shirts it’s like saying to the world: “Hey, hello, I love all of ya, people, let us be friends and enjoy this wonderful world together! But if you mess with me, I will break your arm, sorry”.

This is the way of how t-shirts help you to keep your primitive prehistoric ape deep inside of you happy and harmonized with modern civilized world. BrutalTshirsophy is funny concept; however it’s going after serious objectives. We are really trying to help people. No one has a brutaltshirsophy except us.

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