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Octopus Choke

What's your favorite submission? Ever heard of the Octopus Choke?!


We all use animal drills in our daily BJJ practice. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing… the OCTOPUS CHOKE! This isn’t just a drill and it is definitely more than a technique. It is a dynamic way of training, fighting and exploring BJJ. It is a totally new approach to those dangerous choking techniques used nowadays in grappling.

However, the real octopus choke is a secret one. It is not taught to beginners whatsoever! Why? Simple – it’s too dangerous. As a matter of fact… it’s DEADLY!

The OCTOPUS CHOKE is our featured product in this brand new 2011-2012 brutal t-shirt collection. It was created to inspire all MMA fighters and BJJ enthusiasts around the world to explore the amazing possibilities of ground grappling and brazilian jiu-jitsu beyond what they are being taught in the gym.

The OCTOPUS CHOKE signifies the evolution of this sport.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at its Finest!


Product Type:
100% Cotton
Slim Fit