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Dawn Of The Next Round

"Even if a Samurai's head were to be suddenly cut off, he should still be able to perform one more action with certainty. If one becomes like a revengeful ghost and shows great determination, though his head is cut off, he should not die." - Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai


Who doesn’t like old school horror movies?

Ever thought someone would combine a cult zombie flick with Mixed Martial Arts and bring you a total exclusive and unique MMA T-Shirt in 2012?

Well, we did it. Enjoy our official Zombie Brutal T-Shirt release known as “Dawn of the Next Round”!

After our “Octopus Choke” T-Shirt was featured in the BJJ Lifestyle Journal, we decided to go even further and offer our true fans something way more Zombie Proof in case of an eventual Zombiepocalypse…

Believe it or not, but you’re not ready to face the end of the world in case of a zombie attack without this merchandise.

Please select the T-Shirt size depending on how afraid you are of the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. Jokes aside.

Product Type:
100% Cotton
Slim Fit